We provide footwear and different accessories to fit the dress , for party-wear as well as for brides and children . This season we are collaborating with the “ EDUARD CASTILLO” brand of espadrilles for brides , a traditional but fashionable item of great quality and comfort. Also , the “MI MAMA TE MIMA” brand supply us with necklaces, bracelets etc....which are also made following traditional techniques and fit in perfectly with our philosophy and style.

In addition to this , we personalize the hair accessories to match each dress , not only for bridal wear but for events and Communions as well . As for the groom , we even make the neck and bow tie , pocket square and waistcoat to match the bride´s . What is more , we customize the attire of the bride’s and groom’s entourage , bridesmaids and maid of honour , grooms-men and best man , so they will all complement the bride with an exclusive , original and unique look themselves ... We don´t leave any loose ends !